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Your trusted source of news and information about specialist WordPress hosting providers.

With over 30% of all websites running WordPress we have a fast growing ecosystem of related products and services; page builders, plugins,  maintenance and support services and specialised hosting providers.

The latter is a fast growing niche too, with a number of established brands complemented by smaller players focusing on local markets and many of the ‘traditional’ web hosting providers now offering the specialized WordPress product.

Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to understand who is who and what  the offer.

Who do we feature?

At this point in time we are only listing specialist WordPress hosting providers. To keep focus and for quality – to cover less companies but in more detail. 

We won’t be listing the big cloud players either. They are infrastructure providers and don’t typically optimise their hosting for specific platforms. 

We are also interested in hearing directly from their customers. For example, who a digital agency hosts with and what their experience has been. Many WordPress devs and agencies offer specialist WordPress hosting and have a story to tell too – here we’ll be happy to feature  non-specialist providers too.

Are you one of the above and would like to be featured on PressHost? Get in touch and say ‘hi’.

Which hosting providers do we recommend?

We don’t. We need to be objective, transparent and neutral in our coverage of companies and products. We’re not a hosting review site – there are plenty out there you can Google (but don’t trust 99% of them).

For the most, we relay what the hosting companies publish themselves, give associated organisations and people the opportunity to voice their opinion and cover some of the more interesting topics in our blog by offering a fly on the wall perspective. D

This means you will not find any ‘XYZ are the best’ type content (unless we’re publishing an interview where the interviewee is making that claim).

About our affiliate links

That’s how we feed our families along with advertising and other types of sponsorships.

We’ll use affiliate links as consistently as possible for as many companies or products as possible. But in the context of meaningful content and never promoting any specifically. Advertising will always be clearly  labelled as such.

Who we are

We’re a small team of WordPress geeks interested in the more technical aspects of running a WordPress site, so more infrastructure then UX or even dev. 

Any questions? Feel free to shoot us an email.

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