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Human Made launches Altis, an enterprise-augmented WordPress platform

Touted as a DXP, a Digital Experience Platform, Altis aims to “a central hub consuming and aggregating content from other tools and services.”

Altis represents a natural progression of the agency into the enterprise CSM space, offering a product born from their extensive experience building custom WordPress websites for major brands such as USA Today, RedBull and FairFax Media.

Features that complement WordPress’ core functions include:

  • Augmented Content & Website Management
  • Secure & Powerful Cloud Solutions
  • Marketing Automation
  • Developer Tools & Support

In the announcement Human Made highlight the changing digital landscape and evolution of platforms to be more customer focused, both internally – with more collaborations across business functions – and externally, where expectations for great experiences are high.

Our experience building platforms and smart solutions has accompanied seismic shifts in the digital landscape: long gone are the days where software is kept solely within the remit of siloed IT-teams. In this landscape, everyone from editors to marketers and business analysts to product owners are collaborating to create and optimise customer experiences on your platform.

Altis is delivered by “highly performant, secure, and robust infrastructure built for scale”, which Human Made has perfected over the years with their enterprise clients and own projects. The platform is also open to third parties to boost its capabilities — launch partners include Bibblio, MindSea and Cloudinary.

Altis will compete with established players in the Enterprise WordPress space such as WP Engine, Pagely and WordPress’ own VIP service.

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