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New Flywheel plans: entry level price jumps more than 50%

Flywheel New plans
This applies to new accounts only — nothing will change for existing customers.

Flywheel are reducing the number of plans to three plus the custom option:

  • Starter – 1 WordPress install – USD $25 / month
  • Freelance – 10 WordPress Installs – USD $115 / month
  • Agency – 30 WordPress installs – USD $290 / month

Compared to legacy pricing:

For single sites:

  • Tiny – from USD $15 month
  • Personal – from USD $30 month
  • Professional – from USD $75 month

For many sites:

  • Freelance – from USD $100 month (10 WordPress Installs)
  • Agency – from USD $250 month (30 WordPress installs)

The biggest price increase (based on the cost of a single instance of WordPress) has been applied to the entry level plan — new customers will need to pay USD $25 a month Vs USD $15 for the ‘Tiny’ plan.

This is the first time Flywheel have increased their prices:

Today, for the first time in Flywheel’s history, we’re introducing new hosting plans and add-ons that offer more flexibility and clarity for our future customers, and better match the value of our current product.

On their New Plans page they explain that…

We’ve rebuilt our architecture from the ground up, added a whole heaping handful of new features and functionality, and offered up an entirely new support experience that goes beyond just 24/7. We’re proud to say that we offer a truly better product than any other hosting provider in the market, and remain full of gratitude for the tens of thousands of people who have thoughtfully chosen us to host and handle their WordPress sites.

Flywheel started offering 24/7 support last year, which no doubt added a considerable cost to the their overheads.

The modest increases to the their Freelance and Agency tiers shouldn’t attract much criticism.

New pricing will kick in on 1 May 2019.

To sign up for a plan visit https://getflywheel.com

About Flywheel – Flywheel helps creatives do their best work through a series of well-designed products and resources, including its namesake product, a delightful WordPress hosting platform, and Local by Flywheel, a fuss-free local development application. The company is laser-focused on crafting sleek and simple tools that allow users to quickly build, launch, and manage their WordPress sites. From small agencies to giant clients, Flywheel products have helped over 200,000 people scale their business on the WordPress platform.

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