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Flywheel redefines hosting with their new Cloud Platform

Flywheel Cloud
Flywheel’s engineers have been heads down for 18 months redefining what it means to provide managed WordPress hosting.

Flywheel, the WordPress hosting and management platform, has partnered with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to bring their customers an entirely new hosting experience: the Flywheel Cloud Platform.

Flywheel’s engineers have been heads down for 18 months redefining what it means to provide managed WordPress hosting. They upgraded their infrastructure, created a redundant architecture, and built auto-healing technology that allows their customers’ sites to scale instantly and support any amount of traffic volume.

“This is something I consider to be the future of Flywheel,” explained Tony Noecker, the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Flywheel. “It’s essentially enterprise-grade infrastructure for every single one of our customers, which is incredibly exciting!”

Flywheel is able to provide these revolutionary changes to their platform through their partnership with GCP, a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally. With this technology, Flywheel’s platform will be more scalable, more resilient, and faster than ever before.

“We spend a lot of time continually reimagining what WordPress hosting could be,” stated Rick Knudtson, Chief Product Officer and co-founder. “Over the last year, our platform engineering team has been hard at work re-architecting that next generation of the Flywheel WordPress hosting platform. We’re proud to share that work with you today!”

The WordPress hosting industry is a competitive space, and Flywheel is extremely confident that this new platform will set a precedent as the next era of WordPress hosting.

Several other WordPress hosting companies came out with product updates earlier this year, and those updates were met with a cost increase for their customers. Flywheel’s customers, on the other hand, will not see an increase in price to upgrade to the new infrastructure.

Flywheel will begin to upgrade their existing customers to Flywheel Cloud starting next month. They’re ensuring a simple and smooth process, but if you have any questions in regard to the new platform, please visit their website with more information here.

About Flywheel
Flywheel helps creatives do their best work through a series of well-designed products and resources, including its namesake product, a delightful WordPress hosting platform, and Local by Flywheel, a fuss-free local development application. The company is laser-focused on crafting sleek and simple tools that allow users to quickly build, launch, and manage any and all of their WordPress sites. From small agencies to giant clients, Flywheel products have helped over 100,000 people scale their business on the WordPress platform.

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