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WPX Hosting’s CDN rollout is gathering pace

WPX Hosting CDN Sofia
Moscow, Hong Kong, Auckland and Sofia where added in the last month.

WPX Hosting has stepped on the gas pedal to deploy their Custom CDN in cities around the world.

WPX Cloud launched in October last year and was described as “having a mini-server near any of your site visitors to help load and run your website faster and more efficiently for them”, touting it as optimised for WordPress and positioning as a free alternative to paid ones as offered by the likes of Cloudflare.

Their latest deployment is in Sofia, Bulgaria, which is also where WPX Hosting are headquartered.

We’ll be keeping an eye out on their Twitter feed to see where their next CDN endpoint will be deployed next.

Image Attribution: WPX Hosting

About WPX Hosting – WPX Hosting was founded in 2013 and is based in Bulgaria, running their own optimised servers in the US and UK. In 2018 they launched WPX Cloud CDN to help their customer’s websites load faster around the world. WPX Hosting is the brainchild of Terry Kylie, an Australian entrepreneur and marketing expert with a track record of launching multiple successful ventures.

Source: Pressho.st

About WPX Hosting

HQs: Sofia, Bulgaria
Market: Global
Founded: 2013
Size: 11 - 50
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